Throughout the years, our team has expanded beyond borders with exemplary marketing, design and production experience. With a wealth of knowledge and successful partnerships, United Group Exhibition System’s will provide you with state-of-the-art exhibition systems and event solutions.
Our Services

Our Services

Country Pavilions

We renowned for our first-class Country Pavilions that are expertly produced across a wide range of countries.

Customized Stands

We customize specially designed stands with the finest builds, to exceed our clients’ needs across all industries.

Event Solutions

We can design, develop and manage a wide range of local and international events.

Exhibition Solutions

We are distinguished for the expertise in creating, building and managing your exhibitions from beginning to end.

Why United Group Exhibitions Systems

United Group Exhibition Systems provides unparalleled services. The establishment delivers a legacy of custom-made, innovative and premium solutions to a full spectrum of local and international businesses. From automobile and real estate, to telecommunications, tourism, hospitality and more, we have fully-fledged from a local exhibition fitter to a global player, leading the market with cutting-edge originality.